NeoAudio : Rip and Convert Audio CD into MP3

NeoAudio is a small application for ripping audio CDs and saving the tracks into popular media formats such as MP3, OGG Vorbis etc. It is designed to work with all the versions of Windows including the latest version of Windows. The program is available in form of a setup installer.

For ripping the audio CD, you need a compatible CD/DVD drive. It does not seem to work with the modern Blu-Ray drives. You have to launch NeoAudio after placing the audio CD in the CD/DVD drive of your PC. As soon as you launch NeoAudio, it will detect the audio CD in the optical drive and read its tracks.

We can either rip the entire audio track from the CD or rip only partial tracks. In the user interface of NeoAudio, we can simply select to extract the audio track to WAV files or MP3 files. If you choose MP3 target, then it is going to use LAME encoder for high quality MP3 files. Moreover the program supports external encoder and we can specify its full path in the settings. For example, we can set the FFmpeg  binary files along with the parameters to work with your video files.


In addition to extract audio tracks to local WAV or MP3 files, NeoAudio can also convert existing audio files into a different audio file formats. We can convert the WAV audio files into M3P files and MP3 files into WAV audio files. While MP3 files are smaller in file size, WAV files are of much higher quality.

It supports CDDB (CD database) which holds information and screen copies for almost all the audio files in the settings section of the program. CDDB makes it easy to create the backups as it can find the respective information about these audio files.

You can download NeoAudio from