PCPartPicker Makes Building Your Own Custom PC Easy

I have been building or assembling custom desktop computers for more than a decade. My first desktop computer, which I built during my high school days, was built from salvaged parts from my mom’s old PC and some new parts. Since then I have put together more than fifteen of the desktop computers for myself and for my friends.

I usually start by picking the processor and then choose the compatible parts for the selected processor. For example, if I pick Intel Core i5-13600K, then I would like to find a good motherboard for it. Next step would be finding the RAM modules compatible with the selected motherboard and so on. In the end, we will have all the computer hardware components that should work together without any problems.

But as a human, I can make errors during this selection process. I might end up picking products that do not work with each other. For example, the basic beginner mistake is to select the storage devices such as good M2 drive and then pick a motherboard that does not have any M2 ports. Another big mistake is to buy a power supply unit (PSU) that is unable to power a gaming PC.

PC Part Picker

This is where a website called PCPartPicker.com can help us. It does three things – it eliminates the human error, it tells us the cost of the selected configuration in real-time, and it saves our time.

On PCPartPicker.com, we can find builds that are already tested and tried by their experts. For example, if youa re looking for a beginner level gaming PC, they have a configuration featuring Intel Core i3-13100F and AMD Radeon RX6600. You can select it and then modify it to your own needs – replace the SSD with a bigger one, add more RAM and more.

As you modify the PC configuration, it will check the compatibility in real-time. For example, if you replace DDR4 modules with DDR5 modules, then it will tell you to change the motherboard as well so that motherboard also has DDR5 support.

Whether you need a gaming PC, an office PC or a simple PC for the kids, you can use PCPartPicker.com to build your own custom PC without worrying about the parts compatibility.