Show or Hide Common Windows Desktop Icons Easily

On a typical Windows desktop, there are some common icons which are always displayed. For example, Computer, Recycle Bin, Network, Microsoft Edge and more. These icons are placed on the desktop by the operating system and cannot be removed or deleted. We can hide all of the icons on the desktop, but we cannot hide only a few icons selectively. So what to do if you want to hide some of these system icons from the Windows desktop?

In that case, we can use a freeware tool from Sordum called “Show Desktop Icons”. It is a small portable application that can help you show or hide the desktop icons. It has a small user interface and shows a list of all the desktop icons that are allowed to be hidden.

There are checkboxes for all the desktop icons such as Computer, User’s Files, Network, Recycle Bin, Control Panel, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge etc. We can select the checkboxes for the icons that you want to show and unselect the checkboxes for the desktop icons that you want to hide. After this you can click on the button labeled Apply to make the changes.

Show Desktop Icons

The program can be used from its graphics user interface as easily as from its command line interface. For finding a list of all the options available from its command line interface, we can run the command sDeskIcon.exe /? from the command prompt or by clicking on the Menu button in its window. It will show a window with all the possible command line switches.

Show Desktop Icons

For example, you can give the command sDeskIcon.exe /SC to show the computer icon on the Desktop. You can give the command sDeskIcon.exe /HE to hide the Microsoft Edge icon. You can combine the icon types to hide or show in a single command.

You can download Show Desktop Icons from