Visual Subst : GUI for the SUBST Command on Windows

Earlier we posted about how to use the SUBST command on Windows 11 to create virtual drives easily. This command line tool comes with Windows and we do not have to download any third-party software. While using the SUBST command is extremely easy and anyone can use it, it is a CLI (command line interface) tool. Some people do not want to use the CLI tools and always go for the GUI tools.

Fortunately, the developers at ntwind software have create Visual Subst which is an advanced graphical user interface for the SUBST command. It runs a service  in the background to ensure that all the virtual drives are mounted properly. This means that it is able to create permanent virtual drives using the SUBST command.

You will notice when you launch Visual Subst for the very first time that it detects all the virtual drives created on your system using the SUBST command including the ones that were not created by Visual Subst. There are options in its settings which let you ignore the virtual drives (created by subst) that were not created by it.

Visual Subst

Visual Subst does everything that the SUBST command does but it makes everything easy through its user interface. You have to choose a folder path, a drive letter (from the available ones), give it a volume label and then click on the Mount Drive button to create it. Until you remove these virtual drives will stay on your system even through the different system sessions.

In the free version of Visual Subst, the user is limited to create virtual drives only from the user profile folders such as Documents, Pictures, Videos, Desktop, Music etc. In the paid version of Visual Subst, these limitations do not exist and you can use any folder from the local hard disk drives or from network drives.

You can download Visual Subst from