Epic Games Store Giveaway : Breathedge

This week Epic Games store is giving away another interesting game called Breathedge. This game takes you to the deep space adventures. You have to find out about the mystery behind the crash of your spaceship and then help yourself survive through this ordeal.

In this game you play the pilot of the spaceship that is carrying corpses to another location. The protagonist remains unnamed as it does not seem to be very important. Only one other person is left alive after the spaceship crash in deep space. This other person is the princess whom you must rescue. Besides the princess, your chicken has also survived the crash. This chicken is said to be immortal and nothing seems to hurt him.

After the spaceship crash, you feel surprised by the whole thing. You have to survive in the middle of deep space and fight back a number of things that creep in on you. At the same time you have to figure out what really happened to the ship and why it has collapsed in the middle of your journey. You can use a number of tools such as electrical tape to fix the broken items.


The fans of he Star Wars series of movies will find it very similar to the first fourth episode of the Star Wars movies. In this movie a princess asks for help in the deep space. Well, finally in Breathedge you cann try helping the princess.

The system requirements for Breathedge are very much standard – Intel Core i3 processor with 8 GB RAM and any standard graphics card. The game plays smoother with more RAM obviously.

You can get the Breathedge game during the giveaway by visiting https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/breathedge. After adding the game to your library, you will have to use the  Epic Games launcher to download and install this game on your Windows PC.