Lapce : Open-Source Lightweight Code Editor

Lapce is an open-source code editor which is available for Windows, Linux and macOS. It is designed using the Rust language which is known to produce high performance applications. Rust is used where memory management, performance, garbage collection and safety is priority.

Lapce is available for Windows, macOS and Linux. For Windows platform, Lapce is available both in form of an installer package and as a portable application. In both cases, the same interface is used and there no other differences. It supports color-coded syntax highlighting for many programming languages.

Lapce is designed to very fast and lightweight. It is coded using Rust for performance. It uses native GUI and can harness the power of your computer’s GPU for all the user interface rendering. The developers are so confident about the lightening speed of this code editor that they claim any keystroke lag has to be due to some unknown bug.

Lapce Code Editor

Lapce has built-in terminal for those who want to test their code after editing it. This is specially useful for the students of the computer programming who are leaning to code and compiling their source code using command line tools. For example, we can invoke GCC or TCC through a command line through the Terminal.

Lapce offers a Vim style code editor. If you have ever using Vim on Linux or Windows, you will find yourself in familiar waters. In addition, Lapce also offers remote development. This way you can utilize the power, configuration and the development environment of the remote machine.

Lapce can be further enhanced using the WASI based plugins. Anyone can write their own WASI style plugins that could be written in any programming language as long as they adhere to WASI. These programming languages could be C, Rust or AssemblyScript itself.

You can download Lapce from