Xpert-Timer Basic : Project Time Recording for Freelancers

When a freelancer is hired by a company for a project, there are often many models of payment. Either the company pays them at the end of completing the project or they pay them at different stages of completing the project. They can also pay them hourly rate in which case the freelancer has to show how they have been using the time for which they are being paid. This is where a software like Xpert-Timer can come handy.

Xpert-Timer offers a convenient time recording for freelancers or employees of small companies. In this advanced application, the focus is on the time recording of individual projects or activities. After the installation, you have to add your name and details to the application. When the application interface is launched, you can begin by adding a new project. After this you can select a project and start the time describing what you are doing in that time and what you finished.

Xpert Timer

You get an overview of the areas in which the largest part of the working time is used. The results can be used to restructure work processes and increase efficiency. You can track the project progress in real time using a special desktop bar that always appears on the top of the screen.

Xpert Timer

Xpert-Timer Basic is the great project time tracking tool for freelancers. It offers a very simple and yet complete package for tracking project based time. You can create timestamps for the main projects as well as the sub-projects. You can also assign the “type” category for all of your  projects in order to filter the information for the reports. You can even print the reports, save them as  PDF files and attach them to the invoices for your client so that they can know how you have been using your time on their projects.

You can download Xpert-Timer from https://www.xperttimer.com/xpert-timer-basic.