Easy File Renamer : Rename and Organize Files on PC or Cloud

Everything on a computer is stored in form of files. In order to identify the contents of a file, we tend to give the files unique names. For example, MothersDay2023.JPG clearly shows that this file is a JPEG image related to the Mother’s Day for the year 2023. And this is why we should rename files to reflect their contents as it makes management of files much easier.

While it is very easy to rename one or two files, renaming a large number of files makes everyone gasp for breath. This is why we depend on tools like “Easy File Renamer” for renaming a large number of files. This software can help is rename or organize files in bulk. It works on the files stored on local storage media as well as on the cloud storage.

The user interface of Easy File Renamer is divided into different categories – system renamer, cloud renamer, music fixer, organizer, move and copy. The system renamer allows for easy renaming of a large number of files. After adding the files, you have to add file renaming rules. There are rules like remove text, replace text, trim, prefix, suffix, numbering, swap, insert, lowercase, uppercase, title case etc.

Easy File Renamer

In the cloud renamer, you have the exactly the same user interface is available but you can manage files over the cloud. This module is not available in the free version and you have to purchase a registered version of the software.

Music fixer is a file renaming tool especially designed to work with the music or audio files. It can work with the MP3 files stored on your hard disk drive. It can also import music from iTunes library. It can fetch the information from the ID3 tags for the MP3 files and helps you rename the files based on that data. It can also avoid name collisions by appending a different number at the end of two files with same names.

Easy File Renamer can be very useful when renaming files in bulk. It even supports renaming files over the cloud. it supports many cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and Amazon S3.

You can download Easy File Renamer from https://easyfilerenamer.com/.