Epic Games Store Giveaway : Death Stranding

This week Epic Games store is giving away an open-world action game “Death Stranding”. In this game, you are going to play the main character Sam Bridges. He is a porter who has the job of delivering the cargo safely to the destination cities. It is similar to a food delivery service or Amazon box delivery.

Often these cities are located in very remote areas. On your way, you will be attacked by enemies and criminals who want to steal the cargo from you. Based on your performance of the deliveries, your ranking as a porter will increase or decrease in the game. The recipients will give you likes or dislikes based on how fast you deliver the items.

The ma adversaries of the porters are rogue or bandit porters. These bandits attack in order to steal the cargo themselves. But the reason why the steal these cargo is not because they want to open it and rob items from inside it. The reason why they they want to steal the cargo is because they want to deliver it themselves. If they deliver your cargo, you get no points but these bandits make a big score.

Death Stranding

The open-world game has stunning graphics. You have to ride your motorbike on your way to delivery. The roads and the scenery is very beautiful. But you have to be alert about the bandits hiding behind rocks and bushes.

The system requirements for “Death Stranding” are very moderate. You need  Windows 10 PC with 8 GB of RAM, Intel Core i7,  Direct X 13, running on Windows 10 or later. Any medium priced gaming computer can fulfill these requirements very easily.

You can get the “Death Stranding” game giveaway by visiting https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/death-stranding in your web browser. Like all the other games, this game has to be installed through the Epic Games Launcher software.