Capcom Anniversary Celebration : Play Retro Games for Free

Capcom is the gigantic video game company from Japan. They are the ones who led the way in the 80’s and 90’s in the then very new field of video games. Started in 1979, Capcom has given us immensely popular games such as Streetfighter, Resident Evil, Monster Hunter and more.

During their anniversary celebration, they have bundled some of these very successful game titles and these bundles can be purchased from various digital game distribution platforms such as Steam. But you can also play some of the retro games from your web browser.

In order to play these games, you just need a web browser like Google Chrome. You can use your keyboard or a game controller for playing these retro games. They can be played on any PC with minimal system specs.

Capcom Anniversary Retro Games

First of all you have to visit the Capcom Town website at On this site, you can click on the menu icon near the top-right corner and select Retro Games section. You can also go directly to the Retro Game section by visiting this link:

On this Retro Games webpage, you will find some playable games in both Japanese and English versions. You can read the play manual and then play these games. The games are as they were in the old times and can be played using your keyboard or a gaming controller. As far as keyboard is concerned, ASDF are direction keys and X is the start button.

Capcom Anniversary Retro Games

For most of these Capcom retro games, two players can play against each other. If you want to play with your friend, then you have to attach two game controllers to your PC and select which game controller is to be used for Player 1 and which for Player 2. You can also choose to use Keyboard for Player 1 and game controller for Player 2.