Find What Filled Your Drive Space with Disk Space Explorer 2023

No matter how large hard disk drive or solid state drive you have installed on your Windows PC, you will find that the available disk space has disappeared after a few months of regular use. This happens because we always keep installing new games (thanks to the free giveaways from Epic Games store), downloading new files and copying all the photos or videos from our smartphones to the PC.

In order to find out which files, games or software are taking up all the space on a drive on a Windows PC, you can either manually analyze all the data or you can use a software called Ashampoo Disk Space Explorer 2023. It is a smart software that can analyze all of your drives and show you which of the folders are occupying most of the disk space. The information is displayed in a graphical format so that you can see which folder is to blame for the disappearing free space.

Disk Space Explorer 2023

Once you find the culprit folder, you can examine what is stored in that folder. If it is a software installation folder, you may want to uninstall that software (if you do not have to use that software regularly). You can uninstall all the non-essential software. You can delete the  folders of it does not contain anything of great importance. You can also move the important files over to a reliable cloud storage drive such as OneDrive or Dropbox.

All things considered, Disk Space Explorer 2023 is definitely a very useful software for all the Windows users. If your PC has a smaller SSD such as 256 GB, then you should consider scanning it with Disk Space Explorer 2023. It can easily find the huge folders that are claiming most of the available disk space on your system drives.

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