Goldenfrog VyprVPN : Privacy Focused No-Log VPN

Today Internet has become as necessary for human beings as air or water. Without the Internet, the whole global economy is definitely going to collapse. It was the Internet that became our life line during the Covid-19 pandemic days. Internet is no counted in basic amenities for a place.

While Internet is so useful and necessary, it also has some dark and unwanted sides. For example, when we surf the internet using our web browser or other apps, we tend to leave a trace of our Internet usage. This is why privacy conscious people prefer to use a VPN.

With a VPN you hide your online devices behind an encrypted virtual network and thus disguise your identity. This also changes your location on the web – allowing you to see web content that is actually blocked in your country.

Goldenfrog’s VyprVPN offers a paid VPN service that has so many features desired by VPN users. It has server locations in many countries around the world. The developer also promises to bypass all VPN blocks with its Chameleon technology.

Goldenfrog VyprVPN

VyprVPN  comes with DNS leak protection which ensures that all the DNS queries are not kept private. When you connect to a website, your computer queries a DNS server. By knowing your DNS query data, anyone can know which sites you have been connecting to. But VyprVPN prevents the DNS leakage.

VyprVPN is a no-log VPN and does not store any of the usage history on their servers. Without any traffic logs, nobody can track or find out which websites you have visited in the past. This further improves the user privacy.

VyprVPN comes with a kill switch which is a very useful feature for unstable internet connections. Whenever your device connects to a public WiFi, VyprVPN automatically enables the VPN to protect you from public and unknown networks. It also disables the internet if VPN is disabled somehow which prevents direct internet access.

VyprVPN is available for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS (iPhone). It is not a free VPN. There is no trial software available. You can download and use VyprVPN apps/software only after making a monthly or annual subscription purchase.

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