TeroSubtitler : Free Advanced Subtitle Editing Software

There are so many languages in the world and we do not understand them all. If we are going to watch a movie in a foreign language that we do not understand, then we can always seek the help of subtitles. But sometimes these subtitles are not available in English but in some other language that we do not understand either.

This is where an open-source software called TeroSubtitler is going to help us. It is a fully loaded subtitles editor. It works on Windows, macOS and Linux. It has so many features that make it very easy to create, edit, fix or translate subtitles for any movie or video.

In order to make use of all the features offered by TeroSubtitler, we must have a few components installed. When we run TeroSubtitler for the first time, it asks us to download all of these components. These include libmpv (for playing back the media files), yt-dlp (for playing back online content), FFmpeg (popular media file conversion, joining and extraction tool), whisper.cpp (for recognizing the speech in the videos).


The user-friendly and intuitive interface enables extensive editing with SMPTE and MEDIA modes. It supports many different subtitle formats including the popular ones like SUB. We can also search through the subtitles and even replace some phrases or words in the subtitles.

If you are working on creating your own subtitles by listening the audio from the movie and typing the subtitles, then it offers the source and transcription modes. It has audio-visual preview for many subtitle formats. When editing the subtitle it offers timeline with waveform visualizer.


If you have installed all the tools with TeroSubtitler, then you can use the AI to create subtitles automatically. It recognizes the audio speech and converts it automatically into text.

You can download TeroSubtitler from https://github.com/URUWorks/TeroSubtitler/releases/.