NetworkOpenedFiles : Display Files Opened by Other Computers

When your Windows computer is  a part of a local area network, you might want to share some files with all or some of the other computers on that network. Sharing a file or a folder with other members of a network has been made very easy on Windows operating system.

For sharing a file on a network with others, we can simply right-click on that file and choose Share from there. On Windows 11, we have to right-click and then choose Show More Options to see the Share function. After this we can follow the on-screen directions to finish sharing the file.

Shared resources can be accessed by the other computers on a network if they have permission to do so. These permissions are defined when you are sharing the file.


If you have shared a file with other members of your network, then you can find out which files are being opened by which of the computers or users on your local area network with the help of a freeware called NetworkOpenedFiles.

This little tool is designed by the well acclaimed developer Nir Sofer. In this tool, we see a list of all the files which are being currently opened by others on your network. In the list we can see the file name, user name, computer address,  hostname of the computer, access permissions (read, write or create), any locks on the file, file ID, file owner, file dates, file attributes, file size and more. This list is auto-refreshed at regular intervals.

The list of the opened files can be exported to TXT, CSV, JSON, XML or HTML files. We can change the background color for the list to be black or white whichever suits you. We can change the font used by the NetworkOpenedFiles for displaying the list.

You can download NetworkOpenedFiles from