CyberLink PhotoDirector : AI Powered Photo Editor

Cyberlink PhotoDirector has been an award winning photo editor for many years. But now it has taken the retouching and editing photos to another level through the power of artificial intelligence (AI). It is high-quality image editing software that can also handle RAW images captured by DSLR cameras.

With the help of Cyberlink PowerDirector we can create stunning masterpieces through the use of the powerful AI tools. We can apply eye-catching visual effects, advanced color controls, and intuitive layer editing.

It is a comprehensive software which enables us to manage, enhance and retouch our digital images. The software offers us lots of tools for editing, retouching, managing and presenting photos. Basic editing tools such as editing brushes, white balance and noise reduction, tooth brushes, eye shine and object removal can be found. It has special filters like Dehaze and Defringe to make your photos look crystal clear and professional.

Cyberlink PhotoDirector

PowerDirector can be used to take photos from the videos. It does not simply extract a video frame and convert it into image. Rather it extracts multiple frames and converts them into a multi-exposure picture.

The RAW images can be edited non-destructively, that is, the original is always preserved when editing with PhotoDirector. Native rendering of RAW files from Canon and Nikon cameras also enables authentic coloring after decoding RAW formats. IPTC metadata can be added and edited for each image.

With the help of AI we can remove the objectionable  objects from the photo’s background. We can use AI to automatically change the sky from the vidoes. This removed sky can be replaced easily and can be repositioned with the help of AI.

AI can also be used to animate the photos. We can simply draw arrows to indicated the motion path (such as flow of water in a river). The AI then animates the photo and it can be exported as an animation (GIF).

You can download CyberLink PhotoDirector from