RestoreWindowPos : Restore Window Positions on Monitors

Many app developers and graphics designers like to work on a multi-monitor desktop computer setup. Usually they have two or three monitors connected to their computer and spread all their applications on these. But one problem with such a configuration is that the windows of various applications tend to move to different positions or different monitors when you connect or disconnect a new monitor.

Imagine you had Microsoft Word open on first monitor and Microsoft Visual Studio on the second monitor. But as soon as you accidentally power off the second monitor, all the windows from the second monitor jump to the first monitor. These windows do not jump back to the second monitor when it is connected once again and you have to manually drag them once again to the second monitor.

In order to address this problem, someone has created a Python based app called RestoreWindowPos. This small tool does what its title says – it restores the windows back to their multi-monitor positions as soon as the second or third monitors are connected (once again).


After the installation, this program places itself in the notification area of the Windows desktop. From here we can control its various settings. For example, we can change the snapshot frequency from anywhere between 5 seconds to 1 hour. It keeps taking snapshots of all the window positions and on which monitor they are located at these intervals. We can also restore snapshots from this notification area menu. We can also manually capture the snapshots anytime we want.

When your monitors get disconnected and connected again, it will quickly jump into action and restore the window positions. You can also manually restore the window positions using any snapshot of your choice. It can be really helpful for the Windows users who keep multiple monitor configurations at work or home.

You can download RestoreWindowPos from