UPDF : AI Powered PDF Reader and Editor for Windows

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made its presence known in almost all types of software whether big or small. After image editors quickly adopting the AI algorithms, a PDF reader and editor called UDPF has also integrated the AI in the PDF editor itself.

UPDF is a Swiss Army knife for PDF files. It can be used to read, edit, compress, convert, annotate and OCR the PDF files. We can use it edit the text, images, and links in the PDF pages. We can also put in the watermarks, backgrounds, headers & footers across PDF files.

When you are reviewing a document in PDF files, we can use the annotation tools to effortlessly annotate PDF documents. It comes with a myriad of convenient PDF markup tools  such as comments, lines, highlighter and more.


Using this tool, we can quickly convert PDF files into many other popular document formats. It is very convenient to convert your PDF files to Microsoft Word and other popular formats such as Excel, PPT, etc. You do not need Microsoft Office installed on your PC for the conversion to take place. It can also convert between the PDF and image file formats like JPEG and PNG.

If you have added too many pages to your PDF file and it has become very large in terms of file size, then UPDF can compress such a PDF file. We can reduce the file size of a PDF file size in a single click. Depending on the quality (Maximum, High, Medium or Low) settings, the file can become very small or moderately small. The way it compresses the PDF file is by reducing the quality of the embedding images.

The AI function is built inside UPDF and can be used to summarize a document so that you can understand what the 500 pages report is all about without actually going through the whole PDF  file.

You can download UPDF from https://updf.com/.