All My Passwords : Password Manager App for Windows

From your computer’s login access to your bank account’s online use, everything is password protected. All the email accounts and cloud storage accounts need a password. But with dozens of accounts which all require their own unique login credentials, we often forget the passwords associated with different accounts. Sometimes we forget even the usernames for some accounts that we rarely use.

To avoid a situation where we cannot access a certain account because we forgot the username or the password or both, we can use a password management software. For Windows 10 and 11 users, there is a very good password manager called “All My Passwords”.

“All My Passwords” is a universal Windows platform app (UWP app) which can be installed from the Microsoft Store. It  is only 26 MB in size and works on Windows 10 and Windows 11.

All My Passwords

This password manager has a new innovative user interface. Everything is divided into various categories or folders. For example, if you want to add your school related passwords, then there is a folder for that. You can add many passwords per folder and can add new folders too. Dividing passwords this way makes it very easy to later find them in a short time.

The app features many themes or backgrounds which make working with this password manager very pleasing. When we apply a new theme, it adds a very beautiful image to the app’s background. These themes are available from the settings of the app. In the settings, we can also find options to create a backup and to restore from a previous backup.

“All My Passwords” can be used on several devices and we can synchronize the stored passwords through the cloud storage. We can sync the locally stored passwords to Microsoft OneDrive. All of the passwords are heavily encrypted before storing in the cloud.

You can get the “All My Passwords” from Microsoft Store at

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