Vovsoft Subtitle Renamer : Auto-Rename Subtitles for Movies

There are so many movies in foreign languages for which we easily get the dubbed version in English. But then there are so many more foreign language movies for which subtitles are hard to find. And we find the subtitles, they are often in a file with a long file name.

With the movie video file and the subtitle file, we can do two things. Either we can load the subtitle manually in the video player (such as VLC Media Player) each time we play that video. Or we can rename the video and subtitle files in such a way that their names match.

If the video file and the subtitle files both have the same name (except the extension), then video players automatically load the subtitles as soon as the video is played. This is also true for some electronic devices such as DVD players or Smart TV sets.

With the help of Vovsoft Subtitle Renamer, we can quickly rename the subtitle files so that they match the video files. In its user interface we have to select the subtitle file types and the video file types to be looked for. We can then choose the video folder where both the video and subtitle files are located.

Vovsoft Subtitle Renamer

In case of multiple subtitles, we can choose one of the two methods – all subtitles must match the first video or n-th subtitle must match n-th video. The tool has a preview button which runs a simulation for renaming process but does not actually rename anything.

If you are satisfied with what is shown in the preview, then you can click on the “Start” button to actually start renaming the subtitle files. A complete process report is displayed in the window so that you can see how it renamed the files.

You can download Vovsoft Subtitle Renamer from https://vovsoft.com/software/subtitle-renamer/.

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