How to Easily Manage Auto-Starting Programs on Windows PC

Usually when we want to run a software or program on our Windows PC, we double-click on it and then it runs. But some programs are started by themselves as soon as we run our Windows PC. These programs that are designed to run automatically at the Windows startup are called startup programs or autorun programs.

There are many of these autorun programs that are very useful for the user. For example, an antivirus software is run automatically at Windows startup so that it can protect the system from computer viruses. Similarly, LibreOffice can be set to launch automatically and place its icon in the system tray. This makes LibreOffice readily available at the click of a mouse.

But at the same time, some of these autorun program entries could be malicious in nature. This happens when a malware has added itself to the autorun of your Windows PC so that it can keep running in the background.

Furthermore, there are some startup programs which are installed on your PC when you are installing some other software. These piggyback autorun programs are not harmful but could be unwanted in nature.

For managing all of your Window autorun programs or startup entries, you can use WinZip System Utilities Suite. Here is how:

  1. Launch WinZip System Utilities suite using its desktop shortcut.
  2. From the left side list, select Optimize.
  3. Under the Tools section, select Startup Manager.WinZip Startup Manager
  4. When the Startup Manager interface is displayed, you will see a list of all the autorun programs on your Windows PC. You can select the autorun entries by their location such as current user, all users, and so on. You can click on the toggle button to enable or disable these autorun programs.WinZip Startup Manager
  5. The interface displays all the autorun programs, but we can choose to show only non-Microsoft items or the system services.

While this tool gives us very easy access to the management of startup entries, we should not disable some of the essential services and programs.

You can download WinZip System Utilities Suite from

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