Shield Antivirus : Protection from Malware and Ransomware

While Windows operating system does come with a built-in antivirus software from Microsoft, some people prefer a third-party antivirus software. There are many reasons for making such a choice such a personal preferences, and may more features provided by the third-party antivirus products.

If you are looking for a light weight antivirus product for your Windows PC, then you can try Shield Antivirus. The download size of the installer package is nearly 10 MB only. This can give the users an idea about how lightweight this software is compared to more than 500 MB downloads for other mainstream antivirus software. However, it also downloads malware signatures during the installation.

The user interface of Shield Antivirus is very modern and smoothly designed. We can access all the different features offered by the antivirus product easily. From its dashboard, we can enable or disable active protection (real-time file protection), we can check for the malware definitions updates, and we can run a computer scan for malware.

Shield Antivirus

It offers three types of scans – quick scan, full scan, and the custom scan. The quick scan is very fast but scans only the key areas and folder locations on the computer where the malware usually hides. The full scan is for complete scan of all the storage drives and the operating system. Finally the custom scan is for the user defined scan for the viruses – in which we can choose which folders or drives are to be scanned.

Shield Antivirus is available for many platforms such as Windows, macOS and Android. The desktop version of the this antivirus software protects you from the usual malware, ransomware and trojan-horse that targets the desktop users. Similarly, the mobile version of this antivirus protects your smartphone from all kinds of malware, viruses and similar online threats.

We tested it on a Windows 11 PC and it seems to work very well. It detected EICAR test file instantly. It does not have any impact on the system performance.

You can download Shield Antivirus from

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