Passper for RAR : Recovers Passwords for RAR Archives

Developed in 1993 by Russian engineer Eugene Roshal, RAR archive format has become very popular. The main attraction of RAR archive has been a stronger compression ratio compared to the popular the ZIP format. It also adds the ability to password protect and encrypt the files using very strong ciphers like AES. If you have created a RAR archive and password protected it, then there is no chance of seeing your files again if you forget the password.

In that case, you can try your luck with applications like Passper for RAR. It is a Windows application that uses a number of methods to recover the password for your RAR files. It should only be used if allowed to do so in your country legitimately.

After launching Passper for RAR, we can start by adding the RAR file for which the password recovery is to be attempted. This tool supports drag-n-drop support so that we can easily add the RAR files. At one time we can add only a single RAR file in Passper for RAR.

Passper for RAR

There are four methods offered in Passper for RAR user interface. The brute force method, the dictionary attack method, the mask method, and a combination of all of these methods. Depending on the RAR file and your idea of how the password was, it will take a longer or shorter time to process through these methods.

The application claims to have a very high recovery rate. Your data stays secure because your RAR file never leaves the local computer. All of the recovery process steps take place at the local Windows computer.

Passper for RAR uses GPU acceleration which makes the process 10 times faster. The process will be faster on computers with more powerful CPU and GPU as well as the other hardware.

You can download Passper for RAR from

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