DRmare Audible Converter: Convert Audible Audio-Books Format

DRmare Audible Converter is a Windows program that helps the user convert the Audible audio-book formats. It can convert the usual AA or AAX format into much more popular audio file formats such as MP3. For the conversion it makes use of the popular open-source FFmpeg libraries. Because of FFmpeg we are able to convert into a large number of audio file formats and the output quality is also very high.

The user interface of DRmare Audible Converter is single window in which you have to add all the Audible audio-book files for the conversion. The audio books can be added by using the drag-n-drop operation. In addition, we can also click on the “Add” button in its toolbar and then select the AA or AAX files to be added.

DRmare Audible Converter

For each of the added audio book files, we can choose various conversion settings by clicking on the “options” icon next to that file in the list. In the settings for each file, we can choose whether we want to split the output file. We can split a file by the time duration (e.g., every 1 hour), by the number of segments (e.g., 3 segments), or by the chapters (e.g., separate file for each of the chapters).

We can also adjust the volume, speed, and the pitch of the output file. When creating the converted output file, we can add metadata in the audio file itself. This metadata can help identify information about the audio file such as year of release, title of the book, author of the book, number of chapters and more.

DRmare Audible Converter

DRmare Audible Converter can be useful if you want to listen to the audio-books on older devices such as the old fashioned MP3 players. It can also serve has a backup solution for archiving your audio-books.

You can download DRmare Audible Converter from https://www.drmare.com/audible-converter/.

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