MusicPod: Play Local Music, Online Radio Stations & Podcasts

MusicPod is a desktop music player application for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android. The developers have plans for adding support for iOS (iPhone and iPad) too in the future. It is designed using the popular Flutter framework by Google.

As it is launched MusicPod shows the local music files stored on your computer. On a Windows PC, it finds these files in the usual “Music” folder of the user’s profile. We can change its location by going into MusicPod’s settings and choosing a folder of our own. We can play the local music as in any other music player. It shows the same type of  music playback controls.

In addition to the local music, it can also fetch online podcasts and play them for you. You can also tune in to a large number of online radio stations using the same program. Furthermore, you can create playlists which might contain a mix of all these different types of sources.


MusicPod also offers to watch video podcasts from any of the popular podcast services such as Spotify. We can watch the podcast in the MusicPod window itself without requiring nay third party applications. As if this was not already enough, MusicPod also allows the users to watch TV shows. Even though not many TV stations are available, the number of online TV stations is going to increase in the future.

We installed MusicPod on Windows 11 and we found that it was a tad slower in response when we tried to open folders, playlists or choose a custom local music folder. However, it shows a huge list of available radio stations which offer a wide variety of entertainment.

We recommend that everyone should use MusicPod at least once on their computer or mobile devices. It has a really pleasant and refreshing user interface that makes you listen to music even more.

You can download MusicPod from

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