Vovsoft Keystroke Visualizer Shows Keys Pressed On Screen

Vovsoft Keystroke Visualizer is a small Windows program that displays the keys that you have pressed on your computer monitor. It displayed all sorts of keys and key combinations on the screen. The keystroke display is a large popup message with large fonts . This display is done in form of an overlay so that it appears on your screen even when you are playing a game.

This application can be very good  when you are recording demonstrations for YouTube. You can show which keys are pressed for a particular action. You can also use this program when display how something works online through video conferencing apps such as Skype and Zoom.

Another good use of this application comes to mind when you have a faulty keyboard. You can use this tool to test all the keys of a keyboard. If a key is faulty and is not recognized by Windows, then nothing will be displayed by Keystroke Visualizer. But for this purpose, you have to make changes to the application settings.

Vovsoft Keystroke Visualizer

When launched Vovsoft Keystroke Visualizer stays in the notification area of the Windows desktop. It leaps into action only when you press keys on your keyboard or click using your mouse buttons. However, it does not display single keyboard keys or single mouse clicks by default. With the default settings it shows the keys or mouse clicks when used in combinations with special keys. This can be changes through the Keystroke Visualizer settings.

Vovsoft Keystroke Visualizer

In the Vovsoft Keystroke Visualizer settings, we can change the dimensions of the overlay popup. We can choose the font face, text color, and the background color of the application display. We can also change the duration for which its window appears on your screen (default value is 1 second). We can change the minimum number of mouse buttons to be clicked before they can be displayed. Similarly, we can make it display the letters and numbers (single keys) on the screen.

You can download Vovsoft Keystroke Visualizer from https://vovsoft.com/software/keystroke-visualizer/.

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