Random Wordlist Generator : Create a List of Random Words

Random word lists can be very useful in testing security measures and evaluating the resilience of systems against brute force attacks in several ways. Security professionals use random word lists to simulate brute force attacks on passwords. This helps in identifying weak passwords that can be easily cracked.

Random word lists can include commonly used passwords, helping to test how well a system can defend against common password attacks. By using extensive and random word lists, security experts can identify vulnerabilities in password policies and suggest improvements.

While there are many such word lists available on the Internet, you might want to create your own list. For creating your own random word list, you can use a software called Vovsoft Random Wordlist Generator. It is a simple tool with a single window user interface. With its help, you can generate random words using different sets of characters.

Random Wordlist Generator

It allows the user to choose one or more of the character sets. The available character sets include integers, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and special characters. While the first three sets are hardcoded, the last set can be customized by the user.

We can choose how many words per list are to be generated. The default number of words is set to be 1000. We can increase or decrease this number of words as required. When we click on the “Generate” button, it will randomly generate the words and then asks us to save the word list to a TXT file.

Random Wordlist Generator

In the settings of Random Wordlist Generator, we can choose the text encoding of the file to be saved. We can save either in the ANSI format or in the UTF format. The latter is needed only if you are using some special character in the word list.

You can download Random Wordlist Generator from https://vovsoft.com/software/random-wordlist-generator/.

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