BriskBard : Feature Packed Web browser for Windows PC

Usually when we install a web browser on a Windows PC, we get only the web browser and nothing else. If we want to use some other related Internet features then we have to install additional applications. For example, if we want to be able to send or receive email messages, then we might have to install an email client such as Mozilla Thunderbird. However, there is a web browser called BriskBard. that packs all the popular Internet features into a single application making everything so convenient to use.

BriskBard is a web browser that integrates a suite of utilities and features aimed at providing a comprehensive online experience. It comes with the following features in a single package:

  1. Web browser : BriskBard includes a fast and secure web browser built on the Blink rendering engine, which is the same engine used by the Google Chrome browser
  2. Email Client : It comes with an email client that supports multiple email accounts, allowing users to manage their emails directly within the browser.
  3. RSS Feed Reader : Users can subscribe to and read RSS feeds, staying updated with the latest news and blog posts.BriskBard
  4. FTP Client : BriskBard includes an FTP client for transferring files between a computer and an FTP server.
  5. IRC Client : It has an IRC client for joining chat rooms and communicating in real-time with other users.
  6. News Aggregator : The browser can aggregate news from various sources, providing users with a centralized location for news consumption.
  7. Media Player : BriskBard includes a media player for playing audio and video files.
  8. Contact Manager : It features a contact manager to help users keep track of their contacts.
  9. Usenet Newsreader : The browser supports Usenet newsgroups, allowing users to read and post to Usenet forums.

While some of these features are now not so often used, they are readily available from a single user interface. Some features such as IRC and Usenet are seldom used in today’s age.

BriskBard is designed to be an all-in-one solution, combining multiple internet-related tools into a single application. This makes it convenient for users who prefer having everything integrated into one platform rather than using separate applications for each function.

You can download BriskBard web browser from

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