Add Command prompt here to right-click menu in Windows XP

There are times when you want to open a command prompt window to work in a particular folder. Normally, you will have to open a a command prompt window first. Then use the cd command to change the working directory to the desired folder. But this process is cumbersome, specially if you do this often.

One workaround is to add a “Command Prompt Here” in the right-click menu in the Windows Explorer. When you right-click a folder and select “Command Prompt Here”, a command window prompt would be opened with that folder as current folder in the command prompt.

  1. Open Windows command prompt by opening Start Menu → Run, typing cmd and pressing Enter.
  2. In the command prompt copy paste the following exactly as it is shown, and press Enter :
    REG ADD “HKCRDirectoryshellCommand Prompt HereCommand” /f /t REG_SZ /ve /d “cmd.exe /k cd %%1”

You can also download the command file to make the changes automatically. Just download, extract it to a folder. Then double-click on the file cmdmenu.cmd. You have to be an administrator to be able to perform this action.

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