Create a new user account in Windows 7

The first account Windows 7 creates during Windows setup is the administrator account. If you have only one account on your computer, then you are using the administrator account. You can create a new user account if you want to. This article details the process of creating a new user account :

Note : You must have administrator privileges to create a new user account.

  1. Open Start Menu → Control Panel.
  2. In the Control Panel, click on Add or remove user accounts sub-category under the main category User Accounts and Family Safety as shown in the picture below :

  3. In the Manage Accounts window click on Create a new account as shown.

  4. In the Create New Account window, type the new user name. I have typed Patrick in the example picture below. Select whether you want to create a Standard account or an Administrator account. A standard user does not have as many privileges as the administrator do. Finally, click on the button labeled Create Account.

  5. Windows creates the new account and assigns a random picture to it. You can see this new account in Manage Accounts window as shown.

Note that Windows does not assign any password to the newly created account. Also Windows assigns a random picture to the newly created account.