Hide a folder in Windows XP

You can hide a folder (and all the files in it) using the in-built options in Windows’ Explorer. First you will have to set options in Folder Options not to display hidden files and folders. To do this, open Control Panel → Folder Options. You can also open Folder Options by opening any folder and then select Tools → Folder Options.

In the Folder Options, click on the View tab for selecting it. In the View tab, select the option for Do not show hidden files and folders and click OK to save the settings, as shown below in the picture. It may be possible that you already have this setting selected.

Now you are ready to go hiding any folder you want. Right-click on any folder you want to hide and select Properties. In the Properties dialog, check Hidden and close the dialog by clicking on OK. You cannot see that folder anymore! In the following example picture, we have hidden a folder named Britney Spears :