Turn off UAC in Windows Vista

Windows Vista brought a new security feature called User Account Control or UAC in short. This feature makes all user run with standard user rights and asks the permission of an administrator before making any changes to system.

User Account Control in Windows Vista

Even if you have an administrator level account, UAC asks you to Allow or Disallow when an application tries to install ot makes any changes to registry etc. This can be a real painful for advanced users even if they are running as administrators, because they do alot of system tinkering and UAC dialog keeps popping up for permissions. There is a way you can turn off UAC and breathe easy :

  1. Open Control Panel from Start Menu → Control Panel.
  2. Go to User Accounts and Family Safety → User Accounts.
  3. Click on Turn User Accounts Control on or off as shown in the picture below :

    Turn User Accounts Control on or off in Windows Vista

  4. Un-check the checkbox as shown in the picture and click OK :

    User Account Control in Windows Vista

  5. Windows will ask you to restart your computer. Restart your computer and you would find UAC is gone.

You can also do this using a registry script. You need admin level access to make these changes. Download this file on your desktop and decompress the contents to a folder. Double-click on disable_UAC.reg. UAC prompt would open up asking to Allow or Disallow. You should choose to Allow. If you are running as a standard user UAC will also ask to logon as an administrator. When registry editor asks Do you want to continue?, answer Yes. Now restart your computer and find UAC gone!

If later you want to enable UAC again, double-click on enable_UAC.reg, answer Yes to registry editor prompt and restart your computer.