Using Aero shake in Windows 7

Windows 7 has a new feature called Shake. This feature enables you to shake out a particular window from a pile of windows when your desktop becomes cluttered with many open windows. Aero Shake is avalaible only in the following editions of Windows 7 :

  1. Windows 7 Home Premium
  2. Windows 7 Professional
  3. Windows 7 Ultimate
  4. Windows 7 Enterprise

On top of that, Aero Shake will work only if Aero is available. In other words, your graphics card should be able to support Windows 7 Aero feature.

How do I shake it?

Suppose you have 10-12 windows open, and you want to concentrate only on a Notepad window. Just left-click on the Notepad window pane (used to be called window title). Do not release the mouse button, and you would find that you can drag the window as you move your mouse. Do not drag this window though, but shake it in any zigzag direction up and down, left and right or any direction you can think of. The motion has to be quick or Windows would think that you are dragging this window. And voila! All windows would disappear (get minimized) except the window you wanted to shake.

Wait, how do i get back all those windows?

So you shook your window out from a pile of windows. You worked on it. And now you want all windows back as they were before you started to shake. Well, how about shaking it again? Yes, to get back all the windows as they were before you shook a window you wanted to concentrate on, shake that window again!

So boys and girls, if you have Windows 7 then keep it shaking. 🙂