Windows 7 hotkeys for Windows XP

Windows 7 has many useful hotkeys for working your way around open windows. These features are not available in older versions of Windows. But you can use these hotkeys in Windows XP and Vista too. All you have to do is download an application to your desktop and run it.

Windows 7 has the following useful hotkeys :

Windows Key + Up Arrow Maximize a window
Windows Key + Down Arrow Minimize a window
Windows Key + Left Arrow Dock a window to left of screen
Windows Key + Right Arrow Dock a window to right of screen
Windows Key + Space Aero Peek (make all windows transparent and show desktop)
Windows Key + Home Minimize all windows except the current window

You can download Extract the contents to a folder. Then run Windows 7 0.4.exe to enable the same hotkeys in Windows XP or Windows Vista.

You would see a green 7 icon in the system tray. You can access the settings by double clicking on this icon. You can even change the shortcut keys for the specified action.