Run programs with reduced access rights

If you use your Windows XP computer using the administrator level account, it may be risky. The reason is that if while browsing the internet or checking emails — you encounter a trojan or malware, it will have administrator level access to your files. The malware would be able to change the system files, registry and other data easily. If you do not want to use your computer with a reduced standard account, you can configure programs like an internet browser or email client to run at reduced access rights.

The following instructions illustrate how to run Mozilla Firefox browser with reduced level access while logged in as an administrator. You can use same instruction for any other program like Opera browser, Internet Explorer or Thunderbird etc.

  1. Download DropMyRights from
  2. Run the setup and it would create a file in the following location :
    %userprofile%My DocumentsMSDNDropMyRightsDropMyRights.exe
  3. Create an easy to access folder like c:drop and copy the file dropmyrights.exe in it.
  4. Right click on your desktop and select New → Shortcut
  5. In the location type : C:dropdropmyrights.exe “%programfiles%Mozilla FirefoxFirefox.exe” C
  6. Click Next. Type Firefox (reduced access mode) as shown and click Finish

You should see a shortcut on your desktop labeled Firefox (reduced access mode). Double-click on it to start Mozilla Firefox in reduced access mode.

You can use the same method for any other program. Be careful to type the full path of the executable file. Some usual locations of some files for well known programs are like these :

Internet Explorer %programfiles%Internet Exploreriexplore.exe
Outlook Express %programfiles%Outlook Expressmsimn.exe
Mozilla Thunderbird %programfiles%Mozilla Thunderbirdthunderbird.exe
Opera %programfiles%Operaopera.exe
mIRC %programfiles%mIRCmirc.exe

This is equivalent of User Access Control introduced in Windows Vista and Windows 7. But you can use this in Windows Vista or 7 too, if you are running Windows as an administrator.