Backup and restore Firefox settings

You have installed your favorite addons in Mozilla Firefox and you have bookmarked dozens of web sites you like and cannot live without. But now you have to reformat your PC for some reason, or you got a new PC and want to transfer the settings to the new computer. What are you going to do ? You can use MozBackup tool to backup and restore your Mozilla Firefox settings.

Using MozBackup you can backup and restore all the settings belonging to a profile. Here is a list of what you can backup for Mozilla Firefox &mhash; settings, bookmarks, history, addons, form data, downloaded files list, cache and cookies. Follow these instructions to backup your Mozilla Firefox settings :

  1. Download MozBackup from
  2. Close all open Firefox windows. They would interfere in backup up settings.
  3. Extract the contents of MozBackup zip archive to a folder. Run MozBackup.exe from this folder.
  4. You would see a welcome window, click Next to continue.
  5. Select Backup a profile, select your Firefox browser in the list and click Next


  6. Choose a profile. Usually, you have only one profile labeled default. Choose a backup folder by clicking Browse. Click Next to continue
  7. It would ask you if you want to password protect the backup file. If yes, then click Yes and choose a password. Be careful, if you lose the password, you will not be able to restore anything from the backup file.
  8. Next select what you want to backup. It is best if you backup all of things being shown.


  9. When you click Next, it would start to create the backup file.
  10. When done, click Finish to close MozBackup. Store the backup file in a safe location.

If later you want to restore the settings back, all you have to do is run MozBackup.exe again and select to Restore a profile instead of Backup a profile in step 5 above.

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