Hide drives in Windows 7

There are many reasons we all want to hide a drive on our computers at different times. Sometimes, its the little kids who want to play games on your computer and you worry if they can delete your important files. Sometimes, you want to get rid of the legacy Floppy disk drive icon in your Computer folder. You can now hide any drive whether it is a floppy drive, hard disk partition drive or a CD/DVD disk drive using the following method :

  1. Download HideDrives from hide_drives.zip on your desktop. Extract the contents of this zip file in a folder.
  2. After checking the drives to hide, click Save button. You would get a message that you need to reboot for the changes to take effect.
  3. Reboot your computer. Ideally, you should reboot. But you can take a shortcut of logging off and then again logging on.

The selected drives are hidden only for the current user. Also, please note that drives are hidden only in the Computer folder. If anybody types the path in Windows’ Explorer, then those drives would be still accessible.