Using Sticky Notes in Windows 7

Windows 7 has a new feature called Sticky Notes. They are software version of paper sticker Post It notes which come in many colors. You can use them as a reminder for important events, meetings or tasks. You can paste them all over your Windows 7 desktop.

Using Sticky Notes is fairly simple. You can use the following steps to use the Sticky Notes.

  1. Open Sticky Notes from its shortcut in the Start Menu. You can also open it from Start Menu → All Programs → Accessories.
  2. When the Sticky Note opens for the first time, you would see a blank Sticky Note in which you can type whatever you want. If you have previously saved any notes, they would show up.
  3. You can also edit or format the text of the note. You can make it bold by pressing Ctrl + B, make it italicized by pressing Ctrl + I.
  4. To create a new note, click on the + sign on the top-left of any Sticky Note.
  5. To delete a note, click on the cross sign on the top-right of that Sticky Note. If you delete all notes, the Sticky Note application terminates.
  6. To change the color of a Sticky Note, right click on it and select a color. The colors available are : yellow, pink, purple, blue, green and white.

The Sticky Notes feature in Windows 7 is not only very useful but environment friendly too. You can save a lot of paper by using it.