Delete a user account in Windows 7

If you do not need a user account anymore, then you can either disable it or you can delete it. If you might want to delete that account from your computer, you will have the option to delete all the files associated with that account. You may also delete the account but keep the related files. This article tells you how to delete a user account in Windows 7. Only an administrator can delete or disable user accounts.

  1. Open Control Panel by clicking on Start Menu and then clicking on Control Panel.
  2. Click on the category User Accounts and Family Safety. Then click on Add or remove user accounts as shown.

  3. In the Manage Accounts click on an account’s picture you want to delete.
  4. This would open Change an Account settings window. On the left hand side, click on Delete Account to delete the selected account.

  5. Windows would ask you if you want to keep that user’s files. Click Keep files if you want to keep that user’s files. If you want to delete the files, click on Delete files. Its a nice idea to have a look in the user’s files before you choose to delete them.

  6. Windows will ask you a final time if you are sure you want to delete the account. Click on Delete account and Windows will delete the account.