Find resource hungry add-ons in Internet Explorer

When you start Internet Explorer, it can take few seconds to start up. This is mainly due to the resource hungry add-ons which take some time to load before the Internet Explorer can load. You can identify these resource hungry add-ons easily in Internet Explorer. Here is how :

  1. Start Internet Explorer 8.
  2. Select from the command bar, Tools → Manage Add-ons as shown

  3. This would open a Manage Add-ons window. You can see the load times for each add-on in the column on the extreme right side.

    You can see the number of seconds, it took for each add-on to load. The more time it takes, the slower your Internet Explorer loads.

  4. If you find that a particular add-on is taking too much time to load, then you can select that add-on in the list. Then click on the Disable button shown in the lower pane. This would disable that add-on, so that next time when you start the Internet Explorer, that add-on will not load making your Internet Explorer faster.