How to surf anonymously using a proxy

Few people know that when you visit a web site, your IP address is revealed to the web server. Your IP server is your internet identity over the internet. Also some ISP log the web sites you visit. You can hide your IP address from web servers and sites you visit from your ISP, using a web proxy.

A web proxy is a proxy server that you connect to and which in turn connects you to the site you want to visit. Thus you can surf the site of your choice without revealing your IP address. Your ISP, if logs the sites you visit, would only log the proxy server site and not the actual site. You become hidden behind the proxy server.

You can use thousand of web proxy sites out there. A very good starting place to find such web proxies is the In the following instructions we will be using a web proxy

  1. Visit the web proxy site
  2. Type the web site you want ti surf anonymously, and click on the HideMyAss button as shown,

  3. The site, address of which you typed, will be opened in a frame as shown,

All the web proxies work in a similar way. Most of the proxies encrypt the url so nobody can know from the logged activity which site you actually surfed. Some proxies also give options to disable cookies, script etc.

Caution : Do not use proxy servers for visiting sites that require you to send sensitive data like banking or other money transations etc. The data is sent through the proxy server and may be captured by the third party.