Generating system health report in Windows 7

Is your Windows 7 based system healthy ? Windows 7 allows you to generate a system health report which enlists various warning, problems, test results etc. This report not only enlists the problems but also suggests a resolution for that problem. This is very helpful in knowing and solving problems related to your Windows 7 based computer. Here is how you can generate system health report:

  1. Press the key combination Windows logo key + R to bring up the Run dialog.
  2. Type perfmon /report in the Run dialog and press Enter.
  3. You would see a window that report is being generated as shown below :

  4. After a minute or so, you would see the generated report :

The report has many sections. First section in the report is the Diagnostic Report which has two subsections – Warnings and Peformance. The warnings sub-section shows various warnings for your system. The warning sub-section starts with various warnings like device driver not present or anti-virus not installed. After that it shows the Basic System Checks as shown below :

The Performance sub-section shows the resources status for hard disk, RAM and the CPU.

The Diagnostic Report is followed by the Software and the Hardware configuration, CPU, Network, Disk, Memory reports. Finally, there is Report Statistics. You can also save this system health report as an HTML file by choosing from the File menu.