Take snapshot using snipping tool in Windows Vista

Windows Vista has a tool to take the snapshots of the screen. This tool is called the Snipping Tool. It can be used to take the screenshots of an individual window or the whole screen and save the image in the PNG, JPEG or GIF formats. Here is how :

  1. Press key combination Windows logo key + R to open the Run dialog.
  2. Type SnippingTool.exe in the Run dialog and press Enter.
  3. When the Snipping Tool starts, press the Esc key to cancel the snip.
  4. Click on the Options button in the toolbar. This would open the options dialog where you can change the snipping options as shown :

    You would like to un-check the option for Show selection ink after snips are captured as this leaves a colored (depending on the selected color) border around the snapshot.

  5. Click OK to save the settings and close the options dialog.
  6. Click on the little arrow on the right side of the New taskbar button. Choose any type of snipping you want. Then drag the mouse cursor to snip any area of your like.

  7. Immediately after the snip is taken, it opens up in the editor window. In this editor window, you can edit the snapshot using a pen and a highlighter tool.

  8. When you are done editing the snapshot, you can click on the Save floppy button in the toolbar to save the snapshot. You can save the file in PNG, JPEG or GIF formats.