Browse your favorite sites with Google Reader

If you visit some web sites regularly, hoping to find the newly added content and searching through different sections of the sites, then Google Reader is for you. You can subscribe to your favorite sites RSS (really simple syndication) feed in the Google Reader and Google Reader will show you all the latest content inside it. Here is how :

  1. Visit Google Reader and login with your Google credentials.
  2. Click on the Add a subscription button on the left side and either enter a search term to let Google Reader search for a feed or enter the full RSS URL (like ) and press Enter.

  3. Google Reader will list all the feeds related to your search term. Click on the button Subscribe below any item in the search list

  4. As you click on Subscribe you would see that this item is subscribed and is listed under the Subscriptions category on the left side.

  5. The number inside the brackets is the new items in the RSS feed, the items that you have not read yet. Click on the feed to view a list of the all the new items. The new items appear either in an ordinary list or an expanded list in the right side as shown

Google Reader is freely available RSS reader. You can access it from any web browser on any platform like Windows, Macintosh or Linux. You can even access Google Reader on mobile devices. It will add a new dimension to your internet experience and save your time surfing the web sites trying to find the new stuff.