Send fax for free online using myfax

Chances are high that you have a broadband internet connection and no dialup modem installed in your computer. So when it comes to faxing a document, you are left with no choice but to use a fax machine. But now you can send a fax online to over 40 different countries for free. Here is how :

  1. Visit
  2. Fill in the information for To and From (thats you). The asterisked fields are mandatory. Your name and company would be displayed on the fax. Your email address will be used to finalize the faxing process.

  3. Next, choose a PDF, DOC etc document to be faxed. Click on the Browse button to choose a document. You can choose 178 different types of document including PDF, DOC, TIF, JPG etc. For a complete list of types of documents download this PDF. The selected document should not have more than 10 pages. If you do not have a document in that format, you can manually type the information in the text box.

  4. If you want to tell your friends about the myfax free fax, you can enter their email addresses in the text boxes. Click on the button labeled Send Fax as shown,

  5. You will receive a confirmation email at the email address your provided in the box number 2. You will have to click on the link in your email to complete the faxing process.