Add vuvuzela sounds to any web page you visit

World Cup Soccer 2010 are different in the sense that all the matches are haunted by the loud vuvuzela sounds coming from all around. A vuvuzela is a blow horn. When several vuvzelas are played together they make a noise resembling a swarm of angry bees. Now you can browse the web as if you were at World Cup Soccer 2010 – adding the vuvuzela sounds to every web page you visit. Here is how :

If you want to vuvzelafy a web site, then just visit, type the web site address you want to vuvuzelafy and click Go. Not that you do not have to type the http:// part of the web site.

You can also append the web site address (without http://) of the site you want to vuvuzelafy, after the address For example, if you want to vuvuzelafy, then type in your browser :

This would open the site with the picture of a man playing vuvuzela in the bottom-left corner. The loud noise of vuvuzela can be heard in the background. The following picture is for vuvuzelafied :