Using Help and Support Center in Windows 7

Windows 7 has so many features and if you may not know how to make use of all of them. To know quickly about a Windows 7 feature, you can resort to Windows Help and Support Center. Here is how you can access and use the Help and Support Center :

You can access the Help and Support Center by choosing Start Menu → Help and Support as shown below.

This will open the Help and Support Center in which you can search for help using a keyword. In the following screenshot, I have searched for the keyword wine and the Help and Support Center displays two results. You can click on any of the result links to view the help item in detail.

You can also press the F1 key on your keyboard while working with a Windows program to bring up the help related to that program. For example, while using the Microsoft Paint you can press the F1 key to bring up the Help and Support Center which will show you how to use the Microsoft Paint program.

The Help and Support Center uses a help database which is stored on your computer to access and display help items. These help articles were written at the time of Windows 7 release and were distributed with the Windows 7 DVD. This is why some of them may become outdated. If you want to access the latest help, then you can change the settings in the Help and Support Center to show the online help.

To change the settings, choose Options → Settings from the top-right in the Help and Support Center. This would open a dialog for Help Settings. Check the checkbox labeled Improve my search results by using online help to enable the online help.

Click OK to save the settings. Now try searching the Help and Support Center and it will show you the results from both the offline database stored on your computer and the latest online articles from Microsoft servers.

You can adjust the text size of Windows Help and Support Center to suit yourself. To change the text size of Help and Support Center, choose Options → Text Size from the top-right corner. You can choose the text size from Smallest, Smaller, Medium, Larger and Largest.


  1. I turned my computer on this morning to a message from Microsoft Windows
    stating that the help and support for Windows 7(which is on my computer) is coming to an end in Jan 2020.
    The message suggested that I back up my files before transition.
    I do not know how to back up my files
    and furthermore WHAT TRANSITION?

    1. Transition is that there won’t be any support from Microsoft for Windows 7 users. You won’t receive any security or software updates for Windows 7 from Microsoft anymore. They suggest that if you want to stay protected (through security updates) you have to upgrade to Windows 10, hence backup your files.

      You can find more information here Also you can still call them (before Jan 2020) on Microsoft help telephone line and ask them to explain more about this. Local phone numbers for Microsoft can be found on this page:

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