Add Windows Media Player to taskbar in Windows Vista

We all love to listen to the music using the Windows Media Player while working, browsing, chatting or emailing. But Windows Media Player has a very big window and most of us do not want it to come in the way of other open Windows. If you find this situation familiar, then you can add Windows Media Player to the taskbar. This would minimize the Windows Media Player window and a little toolbar would be shown on the bottom-right of your taskbar.

  1. Right click anywhere on an empty area on the Windows taskbar.
  2. From the right-click menu select Toolbars → Windows Media Player.

  3. Now run Windows Media Player, play any song in it and minimize it. You will see that Windows Media Player is minimized to the taskbar in form of a mini toolbar. You can play songs, skip to the next song, increase/decrease volume etc right from this toolbar.