Check browser security with Qualys Browser Check

Most of the malware attacks are due to outdated browsers and plugins, as they may contain unpatched vulnerabilities. You can check whether your browser and its various add-ons or plugins are up-to-date using the Qualy’s Browser Check. It can check Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Here is how :

  1. Start your browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome) and visit
  2. Click on the big green Install Plugin button to start installation of Qualy’s Browser Check plugin.

  3. After installation of the plugin, restart your browser and re-visit the web page
  4. Click on the big blue Scan Now button to start scanning of your browser.

  5. After scanning you will be shown the result. If a browser, or its plugin is up-to-date then you would see a green arrow. If you see a red or orange colored arrow, then that component is outdated and you need to update it. After updating that component, re-scan your browser to find out if you are secure now.

For more information, you can read their frequently asked questions page :