Enable loudness equalization in Windows 7

If you are not able to hear the songs even at 100% volume in Windows 7, then you need to enable the loudness equalization. The loudness equalization uses understanding of human hearing to reduce perceived volume differences in Windows 7. Here is how you can enable it :

  1. Open Control Panel → Hardware and Sound. Click on Sound.

  2. This would open the sound properties. Double click on the Speakers as shown in the following picture :

  3. This would open the Speaker Properties window. In this window, select the Enhancements tab by clicking on it.
  4. In the list of the enhancements, check the Loudness Equalization checkbox and click on OK to save the settings.

You should be able to notice a little loudness when you hear the sounds coming out of your speakers.


  1. Just FYI, I know this is an old post, but I tried to do this, but I had no Loudness Equalization or enhancements setting (my sound card is old). The way I solved it was to go into device manager, uninstall my sound card (and the drivers) and let windows reinstall the sound card with generic drivers. Poof! it now had an enhancements tab, and loudness equalization! Sometimes the windows drivers are better than the manufacturer’s!

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