Reset Internet Explorer settings

If you have made a mess of settings in Internet Explorer and it is no longer working like it should, then you can reset all the settings to their default. This will change all the settings in Internet Explorer to their original values when you first installed Internet Explorer. Here is how :

  1. Start Internet Explorer browser by double clicking on its Desktop shortcut.
  2. From the menu bar select Tools → Internet Options.
  3. In the Internet Options window, select Advanced tab.
  4. Click on the Reset button as shown,

  5. You will see a confirmation dialog telling you what is about to happen when you press the Reset button. If you want to clear all the personalized settings, check the checkbox labeled Delete personal settings. Then click the Reset button.

  6. A window will pop-up showing the progress of resetting the settings. Click on the Close button when done.

  7. Finally, restart Internet Explorer to be able to use the default settings.